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The Quick Guide To Sports Nutrition was created by sports RDs for sports RDs and is a publication of Pro-Style Nutrition Consulting, LLC.

After years of making note cards and calculation sheets for ourselves and for our interns we started looking for an existing resource that we could purchase. When we didn't find any, we realized one was needed!

The Quick Guide is intended to save YOU time. No need to make your own note cards or bookmark a bunch of textbook pages to easily find a recommendation or formula.

This 21 page Quick Guide provides key sports nutrition concepts that you will use every day in your practice. Right at your finger tips! If you need a resource like this (and we think you do!), go ahead and give it a try!

Check out the Table of Contents to see what is included in the Quick Guide to Sports Nutrition.  Please note, there will be no refunds once downloaded.



Overall healthy eating guidelines for a performance diet and key goals to focus on.

Applying the Nutrition Care Process in athletes: commonly used codes for outcome tracking and billing.

Calculating energy needs.

Determining recommended daily levels of carbohydrate intake.

Guidelines for carbohydrate loading in endurance exercise.

Determining recommended daily levels of protein intake.

Determining recommended daily levels of fat intake.

Determining recommended daily fluid and electrolyte intake.

Guidelines for pre-exercise, during exercise, and post-exercise   fueling and hydration.

Tips on evaluating supplements.

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)

Nutrition Considerations For The Athlete When Traveling

Nutrition Considerations For The Athlete Training At Altitude

Helpful resources and references cited in this quick guide to       sports nutrition.


Quick Guide To Sports Nutrition, 2nd Edition

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